My Trade Show “Bag of Tricks”

Problems will arise – your success will be determined by how you deal with these adversities. This is especially true when it comes to heading out to work a trade show. So in addition to my display materials and giveaways, I always take with me a “Bag of Tricks” – so that I can tackle whatever life on the road throws at me… all of which fit into a small bag or box.

So if you’re looking for suggestions prior to the next time you are headed out to a trade show (or packing for your coworker) here is what I travel with:

My Trade Show “Bag of Tricks”

  • Hand sanitizer.

  • Tape – scotch, masking, electrical and packing. This can repair what broke during shipping and pack it all back up so you can send it home.

  • Pens – ballpoints, highlighters and permanent markers. Enough so when you share (and you will) you aren’t worried about getting them back.

  • General Office Supplies: Notepad, scissors/box cutter, mini-stapler, paper clips, post-its, rubber bands, whiteout.

  • Screwdriver/Multi-Tool.

  • Simple First Aid Kit: Nail Clipper, Band-Aids, Headache/Pain Reliever, Cold Medicine.

  • Tissues and Wet Wipes.

  • Sewing Kit and Safety pins.

  • USB Flash Drive

  • Batteries – sized for all the devices you are bringing: camera, mouse, presentation remote, etc…

  • Extension Cord and Power strip.

  • Extra phone charger. Because you will forget yours or loan yours to someone who will forget to return it to you.

  • Extra business cards.

  • Breath mints.

  • Return Shipping Labels.

  • A sweater or jacket. This way if the room is cold – you are ready.

What is in your “Bag of Tricks”? I would love to know what other trade show professionals are taking with them to the exhibit hall.



Rebecca Wyhof is the President of Blue Roof Strategies, a boutique communications firm for companies and nonprofit organizations. For more about Blue Roof Strategies and to learn how they can help you achieve your goals, visit:

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